Soul Surfers Paradise installs No BuTTs Eco-Pole Wall & Post-mounted Ashtrays and Eco-Pole Freestanding Bollard Ashtrays

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Soul Surfers Paradise goes butt litter free with No BuTTs
Soul Surfers Paradise, the Gold Coast's iconic new luxury apartment development has gone butt litter free with No BuTTs range of Eco-Pole Ashtrays.

Soul's 77 stories encompass outstanding architecture, breathtaking ocean views and an unrivalled position on one of the world's most famous beaches - Australia's Surfers Paradise.

"No BuTTs sales team had been attending a rather intense and exhausting development conference in Brisbane but instead of flying home from Brisbane Airport I shouted the team a few days R & R in Surfers Paradise so we hired a limo for the 85 km trip down to the Gold Coast." said No BuTTs Managing Director, Jack Jacobson.

 Soul Surfers Paradise
"It had been a few years since I'd been to the Gold Coast so I expected to see the Q1 building in the distance as we approached Surfers Paradise, but as we got closer we could also see another incredible tower shimmering in the sunlight."

"Our driver told us that it was the soon to be completed development Soul, so I asked our Accounts Manager to find out more and contact
them when we got back to Melbourne regarding
their eventual butt litter reduction requirements."

"Amazingly, when we got back to Melbourne a few days later we received an email from Claire at Juniper Developments, the people behind Soul, ordering an array of No BuTTs Eco-Pole Stainless Steel Ashtrays in preparation for the opening of stage two of their development."

Eco-Pole Freestanding Bollard Ashtray
Soul have installed 50 Eco-Pole Ashtrays throughout the development combining Eco-Pole Wall & Post-mounted Ashtrays and Eco-Pole Freestanding/Bollard Ashtrays at entrances and carparks and in outdoor retail and recreational areas.

"Eco-Pole Freestanding Bollard Ashtrays are a brilliantly designed bollard ashtray that look great wherever they're installed. Many people have commented that our Eco-Pole Freestanding Bollard Ashtrays look like a sculpture - and they do!"

It's easy to see why Eco-Pole Ashtrays are the world's best selling Wall & Post-mounted Ashtrays
"They might only be an ashtray but they're a beautifully elegant one - which also provides unsurpassed ease of servicing and emptying for maintenance staff."

No BuTTs Eco-Pole Wall & Post-mounted Ashtrays feature a litter-proof design that prevents trash and paper waste being inserted into the ashtrays.

"This eliminates the common smouldering problems so often seen with other inferior designed ashtrays - and that's why over 500 retail plazas and residential developments across Australia have now installed No BuTTs Eco-Pole Ashtrays, often to replace other ashtrays that cause more problems than they solve."


  By No BuTTs and Soul Surfers Paradise [15th November 2012]


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