Councils, Parks Victoria and the MFB team up with No BuTTs to reduce butt littering from vehicles

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'Help keep fire out of our backyard' campaign launch

Temperatures are on the rise. You don't have to be surrounded by bushland to be at risk of starting a dangerous fire this season.  Cigarette butt littering from cars and vehicles is one of the main causes of fires.  Every year fires started by littered cigarette butts damage property, destroy wildlife and stock and kill people. 

No BuTTs is now assisting over 1,000 Councils, Shires, National Parks & Govt Depts to reduce cigarette butt littering from vehicles
People who litter their butts are often called Tossers - but we call them Ash-holes. The Country Fire Authority calls them Accidental Arsonists - but we don't think there's anything accidental about it, because litterers know what they're doing when they're doing it.

The City Councils of Maribyrnong, Hume, Brimbank and Hobsons Bay, together with Parks Victoria and the Melbourne Fire Brigade have teamed up with No BuTTs to get the message out about the dangerous habit of butt littering from vehicles.

Fliers have been sent to every household and business within these council areas encouraging people to report anyone they see littering their butts from their vehicles by calling 1300-NOBUTTS.  Callers are directed to the Bob-In-A-Tosser section on No BuTTs website where they can submit a Citizen Litter Report.

Offenders can be fined around $300 for littering their butts - more if it happens to be a day of Total Fire Ban - and that's exactly the way it should be.  There simply is no excuse for littering butts out of vehicles.

Just because you smoke, doesn't mean you're an 'Ash-hole'.  Always carry a Mini-Butts Personal/Portable/Pocket Ashtray - and bin your butts. No BuTTs about it.

  By No BuTTs and Maribyrnong City Council [17th November 2009]


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