Level Crossing Removal Project is eliminating cigarette butt litter with No BuTTs Personal Ashtrays at railway crossing removal projects across Melbourne.

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Level Crossing Removal Project goes butt litter free with No BuTTs Branded Personal AshtraysLevel Crossing Removal Project has adopted No BuTTs award winning Branded Pocket Ashtrays as part of their Health, Safety and Environmental performance standards at the various level crossing removal sites across Melbourne.

"We're very pleased to be able to assist John Holland Group and the Level Crossing Removal Project to address the serious environmental issue of cigarette butt litter reduction at their location." said Jack Jacobson, No BuTTs Managing Director.

"John Holland is one of Australia's largest and most prolific civil construction companies and they employ 1,000s of staff and contractors. That means that as they roll out distribution of their Personal Ashtrays, they are instantly reducing their 
butt litter footprint at which ever locations are receiving their project's Personal Ashtrays by 1,000s of cigarette butts."

"That's not only good for our environment it's also very good for their public profile because people do notice when someone litters their butts, especially when the litterer is wearing corporate work gear or standing near one of their vehicles." said Jack.

Level Crossing Removal Project is funded by the Victorian State Government and charged with removing over 50 railway crossing bottle-necks across Melbourne and replacing them with bridges and or tunnels to improve Melbourne's traffic flow.

"Overall we are looking to lead the industry in environmental management, moving beyond compliance to achieve efficiencies and innovations which shift the way we operate." said a LCRP Spokesperson.

 Level Crossing Removal Project Branded Personal Ashtray
Level Crossing Removal Project actively promotes HSE internally through training programs, contemporary management systems, rigorous record keeping and visible senior management support. 

Level Crossing Removal Projwebsite clearly articulates their high standards of environmental protection.

"From issues such as water conservation and carbon, to the day-to-day running of work sites and offices, managing our environmental footprint and minimising our impact requires an open-minded and forward-thinking approach."

"Minimising site level environmental impacts such as erosion and sediment control, along with hydrocarbon and waste management, are our prime areas of focus for improving environmental management across our projects. In addition we are increasing our focus on beyond-compliance efforts in waste management, resource efficiency, recycling and rehabilitation."

"No BuTTs Pocket Ashtrays are increasingly being adopted by over 100 companies and organisations every week, and that's not only good for the environment, it's also of great benefit to their respective corporate image because employee/contractor butt littering is extremely damaging to any organisation's public profile." said No BuTTs Managing Director, Jack Jacobson.

"Virtually every business these days likes to promote their high standards of environmental responsibility - and they should, but there are still many organisations out there that at the same time, for various reasons are ignoring the serious problem of their own smokers cigarette butt littering."

"Level Crossing Removal Project is one of many corporations and organisations every week that are realising just how important it is for the environment, and their corporate image to address the problem of staff and contractor cigarette butt littering - and how simple, effective and economical it is to deal with the issue once and for all with No BuTTs Personal Ashtrays." 

"People are going to smoke with or without an ashtray. We believe, as do LCRP and John Holland and over 5,000 other Aussie businesses and organisations, that it's much better with an ashtray than without, because we all know what's most likely going to happen if smokers don't have access to a portable ashtray..."

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  By No BuTTs & Level Crossing Removal Project [8th January 2016]


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