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It's not what you say, it's the way that you say it...

The most important ingredient to ensure effective cigarette butt litter reduction is good product - but it's not the only factor.

After assisting over 15,000 Govt Depts, Businesses and Organisations across the planet - and millions of personal smokers - to successfully reduce, and in many cases eliminate their cigarette butt litter, we know that the message is just as important as the product. 

Our experience has shown us that when it comes to getting the message out it's far more productive to put a smile on someone's face and make them think about the issue rather than poking them in the eye.  For this reason we generally try to take a light hearted look at the very serious problem of cigarette butt litter. 

The following campaigns and slogans are just some of the innovative ways No BuTTs and our partners and clients around the world are successfully reducing cigarette butt litter at their various locations.  Significant butt litter reduction is not only possible, it's easy with No BuTTs cigarette butt litter reduction campaigns. 

Effective, Economical, Educational, Sustainable - and most of all Successful cigarette butt litter reduction campaigns from No BuTTs.

Note that these campaigns can be used by themselves or in combination with other slogans.

For more information or examples of No BuTTs campaigns, slogans and signage, or to discuss your specific ideas call 1300-NOBUTTS today.

The world is not an ashtray....

Style: Straight to the point.
Used By: Every client type we have.
Our most popular campaign - and our company's mantra.  These six little words illustrate the problem, and the solution at the same time and force smokers and the organisations that cater to or employ smokers  to acknowledge their actions or inactions with regard to cigarette butt litter. 

The only butt we want to see...

Style: Humourous.
Used By: Tourism, Accom & Hospitality, Corporate, Local Govt Depts, Environmental Agencies, EDUs
'The only butt' campaign has been successfully used by businesses, govt depts and organisations since 2004 to educate smokers about the problem of cigarette butt litter - with sensational results.  When combined with an appropriate photo, 'the only butt' campaign encourages smokers to consider their cigarette butt litter in the context of the organisation's specific situation.  To maximise their smokers interest in their organisation's efforts to reduce cigarette butt litter many of our clients actually run intra-corporate competitions amongst their staff and employees for them to submit their own 'butt' photos.

Don't be an Ash-hole®...

Style: Tough Love. Straight to the point and humourously confrontational.  
Used By: Tourism, Local Govt Depts, Environmental Agencies, Corporate, EDUs
The 'Don't be an Ash-hole campaign is rapidly superceding the perrenial 'Don't be a Tosser'.  A great play on words and forces smokers to consider their own behaviour whenever and wherever they smoke - every time.  After all, no-one wants to think of themselves as, or be known as an Ash-hole.

Bin it or swim in it...

Style: Soft
Used By: Tourism, Hospitality & Accom, Local Govt Depts
One of the first butt litter reduction campaigns created in 1998.

Don't be a Tosser...

Style: Humourously confrontational
Used By: Local Govt Depts, Corporate
'Don't be Tosser' has been used with great results by LGDs since 2006.  To ensure continued interest in their endeavours, most of No BuTTs clients have moved or are moving over to the 'Don't be an Ash-hole' campaign.

Some of our other slogans:

No butts about it...

No ifs, no maybes and no butts...

Butt no excuses...

Got your own great idea?  Call us now on 1300-NOBUTTS to discuss how to implement your idea into a successful butt litter reduction campaign for your specific organisation.




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