Clean Up Australia kicks butts with No BuTTs

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Clean Up Aust - Mini-ButtAs Spring draws ever closer, Clean Up Australia has taken delivery of their Mini-butts Personal Ashtrays in preparation for their upcoming events. Emblazoned with Clean Up Australia's logo and produced for CUA by No BuTTs in green, white and orange colours, Mini-Butts Personal Ashtrays are the perfect way to help get the message out about the problem of cigarette butt litter - and provide a solution.

"Mini-Butts are now assisting thousands of organisations across the planet, from the smallest businesses through to government departments and all the way up to many of the largest multi-national giants, but I can't really think of a more perfect synergy than No BuTTs assisting Clean Up Australia." said Jack Jacobson, No BuTTs Managing Director.

"After all, they're the guys that started it all 20 years ago. In fact it's the mind-set of the CUA founders and the philosophy behind Clean Up Australia that inspired the creation of No BuTTs, so I'm absolutely delighted that we can be of assistance to them. They're the hereos of Australia's environmental awareness."

Clean Up Australia's Mini Butts Personal Ashtray from No BuTTs

Since its inception, and the first Clean Up Australia Day, Clean Up Australia has grown to include other projects and campaigns including Business Clean Up Day, Schools Clean Up Day, Clean Up the Alps, Clean Up the Kimberleys and Clean Up the World.

"We'd previously used an alternative product, but this time we considered a number of different personal ashtrays before selecting Mini-Butts Personal Ashtrays from No BuTTs." said Simone Earl, Creative Director for the project. "Their price was very competitive, and their enthusiasm was very refreshing but it was the quality of their product that really stood out, and it was the combination of these three factors that ultimately made the choice simple."

  By No BuTTs and Clean Up Australia [31st July 2009]


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