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Wind Proof Ashtray in action
Wind Proof Ashtrays - Stainless Steel and gravity operated durability
Wind Proof / Tabletop Ashtrays with Govt Dept & NGO logo printing
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Windproof Table-Top Ashtrays

Is it 'a breeze' emptying your table ashtrays?

New and improved 2013 model Windproof Ashtray now available!
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Open ashtrays are bad for customers, bad for staff, bad for your business's image and really bad for our environment
An unforeseen effect of banning smoking inside restaurants, cafes & pubs - and also inside hotel/motel rooms etc was that all smokers have been forced outside. Additionally, the growing popularity of outdoor – curbside – courtyard dining has exacerbated the problem of cigarette butt litter.

The simple fact is that ‘open’ ashtrays that worked reasonably well indoors are totally useless outside due to their exposure to the wind.

Completely useless for out door use...
That's why millions of butts emanating from outdoor / footpath / curbside tables - and hotel room balconies - are ending up in our gutters, parks, water catchment areas, bays, harbours and beaches - let alone significantly degrading the appearance and environmental health of that specific location.

Cigarette butt litter also degrades the appearance of any location and damages the public image of which ever business or venue is responsible.

But this insidious problem is completely preventable when the appropriate windproof ashtrays are utilized.

That's why well over 200 Australian Councils and Shires now require Windproof Ashtrays for all hospitality based businesses with outdoor tables.  No BuTTs are Australia's leading commercial ashtrays supplier of Table-top Windproof Ashtrays.

And here's why No BuTTs Flip-Top Stainless Steel Windproof Ashtrays are now the best selling Windproof Ashtrays in the world - by far:

  • Made to withstand heavy hospitality use
  • NEW and improved 2013 model now even stronger @ 1 mm gauge thickness!
  • The most robust and well built Windproof Ashtray available anywhere
  • Windproof Ashtray - New 2013 Model - Specs
    Now with an unconditional lifetime warranty! (see below for details)
  • 100% marine-grade stainless steel
  • 100% rust and corrosion resistant
  • Washable - even with logo printing
  • Supplied with FREE disposable foil inserts - that makes emptying our Windproof Ashtrays even easier
  • Reinforced flaps and hinges
  • A gravity operated mechanism - with no fragile spring to seize up, rust and or stop spinning
  • A snug sealing lid that eliminates smouldering butts
  • Proven their durability in over 10,000 Hospitality and Accom based businesses around the world

Over 2,000 cafes, restaurants, bars, clubs, pubs, hotels and resorts across Australia are now using No BuTTs Windproof Ashtrays.

  • No BuTTs wind-proof ashtrays eradicate the problem of wind blown butts, ash and embers.
  • No BuTTs wind-proof ashtrays enclose butts, ash, embers and smoke in a sealed chamber. 
    Windproof Ashtray - No BuTTs new & improved 2013 model now available!
  • No BuTTs wind-proof ashtrays help Australia’s hospitality industry maintain clean and healthy workplaces.
  • No BuTTs wind-proof ashtrays are stylish, strong and durable and cheap.
  • No BuTTs wind-proof ashtrays display a high standard of social and environmental responsibility.
  • No BuTTs wind-proof ashtrays can be used with Disposable Foil Inserts that make emptying them even easier for staff - with no need to remove windproof ashtray from service when emptying.
  • Progressive Government Departments are increasingly altering by-laws to require wind-proof recepticles for outdoor trading permits.
  • No BuTTs Windproof Ashtrays ensure that those businesses indirectly responsible for cigarette butt litter assist in addressing the problem.

A lifetime warranty?!?!


No BuTTs new 2013 Windproof Ashtrays
come with a Lifetime Warranty!
No BuTTs Windproof Ashtrays were already the world's most durable - and consequently best selling Stainless Steel Flip-top Windproof Ashtrays.

And now we've made them even better and more durable.

So here's our Lifetime Warranty:

If for any reason a 2013 model Windproof Ashtray ever fails to perform as it should, or malfunctions in any way, No BuTTs will replace that item with another 2013 model Windproof Ashtray at no charge.*

* Lifetime warranty replacement excludes any Windproof Ashtray intentionally damaged or misused and cost of postage/freight for replacement Windproof Ashtray.


No BuTTs.    ...Because the world is not an ashtray.

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