Disposable Foil Inserts for Wind Proof Ashtrays - 200 pcs/pack

$ 50.00


Disposable Foils Inserts for No BuTTs Stainless Steel Windproof Flip-top Ashtrays

  • Foil Inserts make emptying your Windproof Ashtrays even easier.
  • They act just like an ashtray liner and collect the ash and butts.
  • Reusable - remove foil insert and simply empty into a bin, then place back into Windproof Ashtray.
  • Disposable - when the foil insert gets dirty or smelly, just throw it into the trash and pop a fresh one into your Windproof Ashtrays.
  • Staff can empty Windproofs Ashtrays without having to remove the ashtray from service.
  • Available in packs of 200.

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