Free-Standing Bollard & Post Ashtray - Eco-Pole Ashtray

$ 499.95

Freestanding / Bollard Ashtray - Eco Pole Ashtray - Permanent or Portable Freestanding ashtray
Free Standing Eco Pole Close-up
Eco-Pole Bollard Freestanding Ashtray - Easy 3 step emptying with no disassembly required!
Step 1 - Unlock
Eco-Pole Bollard Freestanding Ashtray - Easy 3 step emptying!
Step 2 - Remove
Eco-Pole Bollard Freestanding Ashtray - Easy 3 step emptying!
Step 3 - Empty
Eco-Pole Bollard - Weight Bag - Portable Mode
Eco-Pole Bollard Weight Bag - New Release! Place your Eco-Pole Ashtrays where and when you want them!
Eco-Pole Bollard Ashtray with Crowd Control Rope Ring
Eco-Pole Bollard Ashtray - Portable Weight bag option
You can retro-fit a Crowd Control Rope Barrier Ring to your Eco-Pole Ashtrays!
Eco-Pole Freestanding Bollard Ashtrays with Retro-Reflective Safety Banding option


Free Standing Eco-Pole Ashtrays - Post / Bollard Ashtrays

Item Code: ECO-B

Can be used in Permanent or Portable modes.

Permanent:     Dynabolted into position
Portable:         Doughnut weight bag - where you need it, when you need it. 
  • 100% polished Stainless Steel ashtrays ...By far!
  • Subtle, stylish & attractive "Euro" design
  • Can be permanently mounted or used in portable mode (with weight bag) 
  • Angled facia eliminates trash build up
  • No smelly smouldering or risk of ignition
  • 100% Weather resistant
  • 100% rust & corrosion proof
  • Tamper proof and vandal resistant lock Not just bolted to ashtray... Welded!!
  • Easy 2-step/10-second emptying process with no disassembly required
  • Cigarette butts only entry point - with no trash problems or risk of sharps
  • The world's best selling Cigarette Poles & Cigarette Receptacles
  • The perfect Ashtray / Cigarette Ash Bin for any location
  • Capacity: 500+ butts
  • Dimensions: Height = 930mm    Diameter = 76mm 

Eco-Pole Ashtray with Crowd Control Rope Ring - Close upYou can now combine your Eco-Pole Freestanding Bollard Ashtrays to double as Crowd Control Rope Barrier Bollards - with our new Eco-Pole Crowd Control Rope Barrier Rings! 

You can order an Eco-Pole Bollard Freestanding Ashtray now and upgrade with a Crowd Control Rope Barrier Ring later, or simply order the Eco-Pole Bollard Freestanding Ashtray with Crowd Control Rope Barrier Ring package here - and save $25!

Click here to go to this exciting new product option. 

Melbourne Lamborghini and No BuTTs Eco-Pole Bollard Ashtray
No BuTTs Eco-Pole Bollard Freestanding Ashtrays (Cigarette Poles & Receptacles) are now assisting over 3,000 Eco-Responsible organisations with Australia's most innovative range of wall-mounted, post-mounted and bollard/post style outdoor ashtrays. Eco-Poles Ashtrays are available in Dry or WET System, and in either Polished or Brushed Stainless Steel, to ensure we have the right outdoor ashtray for every location - and every budget.

Eco-Pole Bollard Ashtray Portable Option

Where you want them...   When you need them...

In most cases Eco-Pole Bollard Ashtrays are bolted into location using the included mounting kit - but now there's another option for organisations wishing to reduce - and often eliminate their cigarette butt litter. 

No BuTTs optional Eco-Pole Bollard Weight Bags have been specifically designed to give our customers a stable, safe and secure way to use their Eco-Pole Bollard Ashtrays in portable mode, ie wherever - and whenever they need them.

Eco-Pole Bollard Ashtrays in portable mode are the perfect solution for: Eco-Pole Bollard Weight Bag

  • Restaurants, Cafes, Pubs 
  • Hotels, Resorts & Serviced Apartments
  • Heritage listed properties that prohibit any attachments to walls or structures, etc
  • Offices and Factories
  • Wineries & Function Centres
  • Outdoor, Botanical Garden & Beach Weddings, etc
  • Convention Centres
  • Golf, Bowls & Outdoor Sporting Clubs
  • Festivals, Events & Product Launches

Eco-Pole Bollard/Post Ashtrays represent exceptional value for money and offer savings of literally $100s less than other products. State-of-the-art, and manufactured to the highest standards, Eco-Pole Ashtrays / Cigarette Poles / Cigarette Receptacles incorporate an attractive, non-invasive design, are rust & corrosion resistant, key  lockable & tamper-proof, and also offer an easy 5-second/1-step emptying process - with no disassembly required. Installation and/or optional maintenance & emptying service is also available.*

* Limited Areas.  Melbourne Metro available now.  Sydney & Brisbane Metro coming soon.

Information Downloads:

Eco-Pole Freestanding Bollard Ashtrays 
Installation & Maintenance Guides 

Links & Blogs

Melbourne Museum & IMAX Complex
Lamborghini Melbourne
Melbourne Racing Club
Delmont Hospital
Witchmount Winery & Function Centre
Accor Resorts



No BuTTs.    ...Because the world is not an Ashtray.

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