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Eco-Pole Ashtray Installation

No BuTTs Eco-Pole Ashtrays are easy to install - and well over 50% of our clients choose to handle their Eco-Pole installations themselves.  If you know which end of an electric drill is the pointy bit, you probably won't have any problems either.

But we do have many clients that would prefer a quick, professional, guaranteed and hassle free installation by No BuTTs Service Personnel.

No problem!

No BuTTs Installation Service is available in Metro Melbourne and Geelong for a nominal charge of $50 per unit.  We'll be rolling out our Installation and optional Eco-Pole Ashtray Emptying Sevice in other States, Capitals and regional hubs over the next few months.


  • Melbourne - Available now!
  • Geelong - Available now!
  • Tasmania - Available now!
  • Sydney - Available now!
  • Canberra - ETA January 2010
  • Adelaide - ETA January 2010
  • Perth - ETA January 2010

New Zealand

  • Auckland - Available now!
  • Wellington - ETA February 2010
  • Christchurch - ETA February 2010
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