No BuTTs is committed to the ideals of Sustainability.

We encourage and support any efforts by individuals, communities, business and government to promote environmental sustainability in water, energy and waste management.  It's simply imperative for the survival of our species and our planet that humanity's global footprint is reduced. 

No BuTTs also practices what we preach by ensuring the following:

  • Whenever possible we source recycled materials to manufacture our products. Frog
  • We recycle stainless steel and gladly accept any old or obselete units when our customers upgrade to Eco-Pole Ashtrays.
  • We encourage the recycling of our Mini-Butts Personal Ashtrays.
  • All No BuTTs vehicles are being progressively replaced with Hybrids.
  • We consider the need to print any page before we print it.
  • All paper used by No BuTTs is recycled.
  • No BuTTs is committed to reducing our paper usage by 5% per month.
  • All electrical lighting at No BuTTs facilities utilizes energy saving light globes. No BuTTs recently installed skylighting along the entire length of our National HQ in Melbourne.  This has virtually eliminated any use of our internal showroom and warehouse lighting - except on the darkest days and at night.
  • We recycle our old mobiles via Mobile Muster and our obsolete PCs, printers, modems and the like via Byteback Australia.

No BuTTs growing fleet of hybrids

We welcome any comments or suggestions that may help us
'do even more to use less'.








No BuTTs.   ...Because the world is not an Ashtray!

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