Report Smoking in Cars with Children

Smoking in Vehicles with Children is illegal.
It is illegal to smoke in cars with children under the age of 18 years.  And so it should be.

No BuTTs is not a health site nor an anti-smoking site - though we do encourage all attempts to quit the habit. But smoking around kids is completely unacceptable. Anytime.

It's an adult's right to smoke, but that right never extends to any person smoking in close proximity to children, either theirs or anyone else's.  And from a proximity perspective, it doesn't get any closer than smoking in vehicles with children.

Smoking in vehicles with children is illegal.

It's also:Smoking in vehicles with chidren is a form of child abuse.

  • Dangerous
  • Irresponsible
  • Selfish
  • a form of child abuse

It's Indefensible.

The most common defence used by smokers when caught smoking with kids in the car is that "I had the windows open."  

...That's just bullshit.  And here's why:

Smoking in vehicles with children is unacceptable - windows open or closed.
Smoking in cars with chidren not only exposes them to the poisonous smoke emitted by cigarettes and exhaled by smokers, it also exposes them to the ash and embers that fly off a cigarette when it's ashed outside the window. 

Every smoker knows that ash flicked out of a vehicle window has a tendancy to blow straight back into the vehicle.

The fact is that there's simply no excuse whatsoever for smoking in vehicles with children present.

So here's what to do

Do NOT call 000.  000 is for emergencies only.

Contact your local Police and provide them with the specific details of the offence.  To assist the Police to effectively stop this unacceptable behaviour, it's important to be able to provide them with the following important information.

  • Car Registration
  • Make & Model of Vehicle
  • Time of offence
  • Date of offence
  • Location of offence
  • Identification of the offender - ie, driver or passenger

The Police will also want your details but don't worry because all information provided to the authorities is kept completely confidential.

To assist people wanting to report smoking in cars with chidren just click on your State to find your local Police Station.

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Heavily fines apply for smoking in cars with children

The maximum penalty for an individual breaking the new law will be five penalty units ($584.10) with an infringement penalty (on the spot fine) of two penalty units ($233.64). 

Anyone caught smoking in a vehicle where a child is present will be issued with an on-the-spot fine of $200.

New South Wales
A $250 on the spot fine applies to the driver and any passenger who breaks the law. If a person elects not to pay the fine and have the matter dealt with by a court, the maximum fine that may be imposed by a magistrate is $1,100.

South Australia
Maximum Penalty $200. Expiation fee $75.

Infringement notices carry a penalty of $120. Should the case go to Court,  the maximum fine that may be imposed by a magistrate is $2400 .

Western Australia
Fines of up to $1,000 for smoking in cars carrying children can apply.

On-The-Spot fines of $250.  Additional $500 on-the-spot fines for failure to comply with a police officer or providing false or misleading information to a police officer. 

Northern Territory
Legislation still pending


No BuTTs.   ...because the world is not an ashtray 

                       ...and neither are childrens lungs

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