There's never been more awareness of the issue of cigarette butt litter - and that's a very good thing.  After all, you can't fix something if you don't know it needs fixing.  Every day across the planet, 1,000s of smokers are changing their littering habits forever - and dozens of corporations and organisations are implementing No BuTTs programs and eliminating their smokers cigarette butt litter.  That's good for all and great for the environment. 

Ignoring your smokers Cigarette Butt Litter is like telling the planet to get stuffed

No BuTTs receives literally 100s of calls, emails and web visits every day from all around the world requesting information on different aspects of cigarette butt litter - and it's not just smokers wanting to find out how to stop their own butt littering. 

Our daily contacts can come from:

  • Corporations and organisations wanting to reduce their smokers cigarette butt litter
  • Government Departments wanting to implement cigarette butt litter reduction programs within their communities
  • Restaurants and Accommodation businesses wanting info on the various smoking /non-smoking options available to their establishments
  • Individuals wanting to know more about the issue cigarette butt litter
  • Media and News organisations wanting background information on the issue of cigarette butt litter
  • Students, teachers and those interested in the issue of cigarette butt litter

There's so much information on cigarette butt litter out there that it's hard to figure out how to even catagorize it all - but that's what we're trying to do in our Resources Section. 

Different organisations have different interests when it comes to the issue of cigarette butt litter.  For example, a restaurant with outdoor tables where smokers can smoke has different goals and requirements than a cafe where smoking is not allowed at outside tables. 

And a mining company seeking to eliminate their employees cigarette butt litter, or a coach company worried about their passengers butt litter needs different info and products than a shopping centre seeking to reduce the butt litter of their visitors and staff.

For this reason Resource Information is provided in relevant sections

Butt Litter Reduction Checklists

Different organisations have different requirements when it comes to reducing their Affiliated Butt Litter. ABL is the cigarette butt litter created by an organisations smokers, whether they are staff & employees, contractors, customers, passengers, visitors, guests, members, patients, students, etc.

Our Butt Litter Reduction Checklist can assist your organisation to determine what actions can be implemented to reduce the cigarette butt litter emanating from your organization's activities.

Below are Butt Litter Reduction Checklists for different types of organisations.  Feel free to download the relevant pdf to assist you with your organisation's butt litter reduction goals.

Butt Litter Reduction Checklists:

Accom & ResortsTypical cigarette butt litter
Campus & EDUs
Mining, Construction & Energy
Club & Facilities
Medical Facilities, Hospitals & Clinics
Coach, Cruise & Tourism
Trade & Services
Convention & Expo Facilities
Corporate Facilities
Golf & Bowls Clubs & Outdoor Sport Facilities
Outdoor Events & Festivals
Retail & Shopping Facilities
Tourist Attractions, National Parks & Ski Resorts
Yacht Clubs & Marinas

Coming Soon!

  • General Butt Litter Reduction Info

  • Going "non-smoking?

  • Corporate Cigarette Butt Litter

  • Hospitality & Accommodation Cigarette Butt Litter

  • Government Departments & Environmental Agencies

  • Cigarette Butt Litter - Environmental Impacts and Consequences

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