Weekly 'Horror-Scope'

No BuTTs receives literally dozens of photos a week from concerned people around the world highlighting a specific cigarette butt litter problem or location.

The good news is that slowly but surely, the battle to reduce - and one day eradicate cigarette butt litter is being won. 

Every day more locations are installing No BuTTs Eco-Pole Wall/Post Ashtrays and Eco-Pole Freestanding/Bollard Ashtrays.  And every day 1,000 of smokers are discovering No BuTTs 'Mini-Butts' Personal/Portable/Pocket Ashtrays for the first time - and changing their littering habits forever.

Every week we post another photo highlighting the problem of cigarette butt litter or inadequate ashtray infrastructure. We call it our 'Horror-Scope'.

We hope you don't enjoy viewing these images.



Week ending 28th May 2010

 Butt Out Australia Ashtrays - 2 x ashtrays on fire in Bourke St, Melbourne CBD


Two Butt Out Australia ashtrays on fire in Bourke Street Melbourne.
"It's pretty hard to use an ashtray when they're on fire" - Judy S.


Week ending 21st May 2010

 Ignoring your smokers Cigarette Butt Litter is like telling the planet to get stuffed


Cigarette butt litter outside a major Melbourne hospital with no ashtrays installed.


Week ending 14h May 2010 

A common site at locations where no ashtrays are provided

 The scene outside a Vic Roads office in Melbourne


Week ending 7th May 2010

 Typical cigarette butt litter

 The pathetic scene outside a pub in Auckland, New Zealand


Week ending 30th April 2010

 Cigarette Butt Litter at a Bus Stop in Denver, Colorado


Week ending 23rd April 2010

Typical cigarette but litter in the gutter

Cigarette Butt Litter behind a large Brisbane Hospital.

Week ending 16th April 2010

Another ashtray on fire in the city.


Week ending 9th April 2010  

A disgusting - and unecessary sight...

Cigarette Butt Litter on a Perth Street.


Week ending 2nd April 2010

 This problem can't happen with an Eco-Pole Ashtray

Another example of a useless Council installed ashtray clogged with papers and trash.
Another reason why over 200 Councils and Govt Depts, including City of Sydney have switched to No BuTTs Eco-Pole Ashtrays.


Week ending 26th March 2010

Buttout Australia's ineffective Ashtray

 The miserable scene in Collins St, Melbourne CBD on Friday, 26th March 2010.
Smokers will not use an ashtray that is choked with trash and as a result filthy.
These problems can not happen with an Eco-Pole Ashtray.


Week ending 19th March 2010

 ButtOut Ashtray - clogged with trash and papers...

Is it a ashtray or is it a rubbish bin?  The scene outside Coles Port Melbourne.
No BuTTs Eco-Pole Ashtrays have 'cigarette butts only' entry points - and cannot be used as rubbish bins. 

Week ending 12th March 2010 

Open ashtrays are bad for customers, bad for staff, bad for your business's image and really bad for our environment

An open table ashtray, what a mess!


Weekending 5th March 2010

The London Cafe Port Melb. 

 Weekending 26th February 2010


Open top ashtrays allow trash & paper insertion - here's the result...
Another one of our competitors open-topped ashtrays on fire
at an Eltham Shopping Centre.
(...luckily located directly under the fire hose...)


Week ending 19th February 2010

McDonalds - Victoria Market


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