Campaign in a Box.

Are your smokers damaging your public image as well as the environment?Ask your self the following questions:
1. How many cigarette butts have your smokers littered today?
2. How many people have seen them doing it?

Protect our environment.
Protect your public image.

It's a fact that personal ashtrays can eliminate cigarette butt litter - wherever smokers lightup. 
It's never been easier to order Mini-Butts Personal Ashtrays - the world's most popular personal ashtray.

You can have your No BuTTs campaign pack delivered to your door in record time.

  1. Choose your colour Mini-Butts Personal Ashtrays - Black, White, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Over 500 organisations have switched to No BuTTs Personal/Pocket/Portable AshtraysGreen and Red and assorted multi-colours are available. Or, you can choose your own specific colour on orders of 5,000+ - just send us your Pantone reference.
  2. If you would like printing, (and over 98% of our clients do!) send us your slogan (if you can't think of one, we've got plenty of suggestions) and/or your logo. Print costs are 15c for the first print, 10c for the second and 7.5c for third or more.
  3. Email us your artwork ideas and receive a FREE Mini-Butts Design of your requirements - with no obligation whatsoever!
    Decide on numbers. Minimum order is 500. 10,000 Mini-Butts are USD 99c ea delivered to most countries.
  4. Contact us to discuss your specific quantities and butt litter reduction goals.
  5. Email all your details to info@nobutts.com.au 

That's it - we can take it from there!  Your Mini-Butts Personal Ashtrays will be delivered safely to your door world-wide by FedEx.

Bonus Offers!!
1.  All orders placed during March will receive one of our Mini-Butts Acrylic Dispensers FREE!
2.  All orders over 1,000 Mini-Butts will receive an Eco-Pole Wall/Post mounted Ashtray FREE!

And if you are looking for:

  • some additional campaign ideas, 
  • our Butt Litter Reduction Checklists, 
  • or would like to see how over 2,500 organisations around the world are using Mini-Butts Personal Ashtrays as the focus of their butt litter reduction campaigns, go to the Resources page, Campaigns page and Logo Printing & Promos page (they're over there, on the left side of the page) and help yourself!

Call us or email us today to discuss your butt litter reduction goals or requirements:

Australia:           1300-NOBUTTS 
International: 61-1300-NOBUTTS

Email: info@nobutts.com.au


No BuTTs    ...because the world is not an ashtray.

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