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  • Freestanding Ashtrays with Crowd Control Rope Barrier option

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Eco-Pole Bollard Ashtray with Portable Weight Bag option
More and more outdoor events every week are hiring Eco-Pole Bollard Ashtrays to protect the environment and their public image from the damage caused by the cigarette butt litter generated at their functions. 

Eco-Pole Bollards are being invited to weddings, parties, launches, auctions, The Races,  festivals, concerts, openings - and every other type of outdoor event you can think of.

Eco-Pole Bollard Ashtray with Crowd Control Rope Ring
Hiring an Eco-Pole Bollard Ashtray is an excellent way to responsibly deal with your expected cigarette butt litter - but without the need for
any purchases - or permanent installations.    

And if you think that using rubbish bins to double as ashtrays will do, then think again - cause they won't.  Simply put, and for obvious reasons cigarette butts and trash don't mix very well - and when they do what you usually get is a fire. 

We've all seen council trash bins billowing smoke or even in flames, and it's for this reason that more councils and OH & S officers every day are now requiring trash to be kept separate from ash (or to be precise, the butts).  And it's for the same reason that a growing number of councils are now attaching No BuTTs Eco-Pole wall/post ashtrays to their street bins.

  • Eco-Pole Bollard Ashtrays can be temporarily, securely Eco-Pole Bollard Freestanding Ashtray - Easy 3 step emptying!
Step 2 - Removeand safely installed at any location, and on any surface, whether it's concrete, lawn or even sand.
  • You can hire Eco-Poles with either tent-peg or weighted bag option depending on where you you want to put them.  We'll even provide you with one of our 'Wak-Jak' peg hammer & extractor which makes installing and removing your Eco-Pole Bollard Ashtrays a breeze.
  • Outdoor functions are increasingly incorporating designated smoking zones.  Eco-Poles provide a centralised location for your smokers, and their butts.
  • Eco-Pole Bollard Ashtrays have a 'butts only entry point' that only allows cigarette butt to be placed into the units - and eliminates any trash problems or risk of sharps, etc.
  • Available for a minimum two day hire for only $65 per unit per day.
  • Ask us about our optional daily emptying & cleaning service

Hire an Eco-Pole Bollard
Call 1300-NOBUTTS or email us to discuss your requirements or if you'd like to receive a quotation. We'll need to know how many Eco-Poles you'll need, how long you'll need your Eco-Pole Bollard /Post ashtrays for, where the venue is, and how many times a day our optional cleaning service may be required.

Kick butts at your next outdoor function! Hiring an Eco-Pole Bollard makes good environmental sense - and good economical 'cents'!


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Sand Bag Weight

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