Butt Kick'n Videos, Short Films & Commercials!

There's never been more worldwide public, corporate, govt and media awareness of the issue of Cigarette Butt Litter Reduction - and interest in this important environmental issue continues to grow.  As a result there's also a growing amount of videos, commercials and short films devoted to this issue - and some of them are really amazing!

Themes range from serious to funny to tongue-in-cheek.  Here's a selection of the best we've found from across the planet - and we'll bring you more as we locate them.

Subject:     Keep Britain Tidy
Summary:  One of the best ever from our friends at Keep Britain Tidy
Verdict:      Brilliant!
Subject:     No BuTTs
Summary:  Animation - No BuTTs - That's who we are and that's what we're talking about!
Verdict:      If you don't get it - you must be an Ash-hole!
Subject:       If you think that animals, birds and fish don't actually eat these things - then think again.
Summary:   An amazing and visible display of what often happens when people litter their butts.
Verdict:       Seeing is believing.
Subject: Litter - "Get a Grip" 
Summary: Belfast City Council Butt Litter reduction Campaign 
Verdict: Gets the message across quite well.
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