Eco-Pole Ashtray Emptying Service

We can service your Eco-Pole Ashtrays whenever you need them serviced!
No BuTTs Eco-Pole Ashtrays are the easiest Wall and Post Ashtrays available to maintain and empty.  By far.

Our award winning 1-step emptying process takes less than a minute, and unlike other units (all of which are more expensive) No BuTTs Eco-Pole Ashtrays require no disassembly whatsoever.  None.

Many of our clients are happy to handle their Eco-Pole servicing themselves - but more than half of our clients, especially those with multiple Eco-Pole installations prefer a regular visit by No BuTTs Service Personnel or our growing network of affiliated cleaning partners

No problem!

You can have your Eco-Pole Ashtrays serviced on a daily / weekly / fortnightly / monthly basis - whatever suits your individual requirements.

Please note that each Eco-Pole Ashtray service includes emptying and a complete Eco-Pole Ashtray wipe down and polish - ensuring your Eco-Poles are always in perfect condition.

And there's no contracts to sign or need to commit to any extended service period.

To discuss a service plan for your specific location call 1300-nobutts (1300-662-888) now or email us.

We'll be rolling out our Eco-Pole Ashtray Emptying Sevice in other States, Capitals and regional hubs over the next few months.


Melbourne:      Available now!
Geelong:          Available now!
Ballarat:           Available now!
Bendigo:           Available now!

Hobart:            Available soon! 
    Available soon!
Available soon! 
Canberra:        Available soon!

Brisbane:        ETA July 2013
Adelaide:        ETA July 2013
Perth:             ETA July 2013

New Zealand :

Auckland:          Available now! 

Wellington:       ETA Oct 2013
Christchurch:    ETA Oct 2013

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