Spare Key Set

$ 45.00


Spare Key Set

Item Code: S-Key2


So you need another key or 2 for your Eco-Poles?

No Problem.

We know what it's like... 

  • You're sure you know where you put that damn key, but you just can't find it...
  • The person you gave your Eco-Pole key to swears that they never got it...
  • The person you gave your Eco-Pole key to admitts that they've lost it...
  • The person you gave your Eco-Pole key to is sick or away on holidays...
  • The person you gave your Eco-Pole key to has left the business...
  • You haven't got a frigging clue where you put the damn thing... 

...It happens all the time, but there's no need to worry.

Where did we put that #%$!&*@ key???...
Eco-Pole Ashtray Spare Key & Mini Dust Brush sets are easily available from No BuTTs - and we can get them to you quick!

All Eco-Pole Ashtrays are supplied with 1 key per unit - and all Eco-Pole Ashtrays are 'same keyed', so if you ordered more than one Eco-Pole Ashtray, you've already received extra keys that will fit all your other Eco-Pole Ashtrays.

But if you've only ordered a single Eco-Pole Ashtray, then for a whole lot of reasons it doesn't hurt to have a couple of spares available if needed.

If you need extra Eco-Pole Ashtray keys contact us now and we can pop some in the mail to you today.

Call 1300-NO BUTTS (1300-662-888) or email info@nobutts.com.au


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