Eco-Pole Bollard Ashtray - Weight Bag

$ 69.95

Eco-Pole Bollard - Weight Bag - Portable Mode
Eco-Pole Bollard Weight Bag - New Release! Place your Eco-Pole Ashtrays where and when you want them!
Eco-Pole Bollard Ashtray - Portable Weight bag option


Eco-Pole Bollard Ashtray Portable Weight Bag

Item Code: WBAG
Please note that the listed price of $69.95 is for the optional Weight Bag only.

Sometimes it's good to 'weight'!

Eco-Pole Bollard/Post Ashtrays are now being used at over 2,000 locations to reduce - and often eliminate - cigarette butt litter.Eco-Pole Bollard Weight Bag

Over half of our clients use their Eco-Pole Bollard Ashtrays in portable mode - placing them where and when they need them and then putting their Eco-Poles away when they don't. 

Eco-Pole Bollard Ashtrays allow you to create a Smokers Zone or Smokers Area wherever it is required and to suit your specific requirements.

Every week Eco-Pole Bollards are being invited to weddings, parties, launches, auctions, the races, festivals, concerts, openings - and every other type of outdoor event you can think of. 

But they're not the only type of clients we have that love the concept of portable Eco-Pole Ashtrays.  Over 1,000 of our corporate clients also choose to use their Eco-Poles in portable mode - as opposed to permanently installing them in fixed or permanent locations.  It's another great option.

Don't wait.  WEIGHT!

Our Eco-Pole Bollard weight bags are what makes our Eco-Pole Ashtrays portable mode possible - and so easy.

Specifically designed and manufactured by No BuTTs for our Eco-Pole Bollards, our Eco-Pole weight bags provide you with the greatest flexibility and options available for Freestanding / Portable Ashtray use.Eco-Pole Bollard Weight Bag - New Release! Place your Eco-Pole Ashtrays where and when you want them!

  • 5kg weight ensures stability & security in any location
  • create a Smokers Area or Smokers Zone when and where you need it
  • 100% windproof
  • works on any surface
  • small 23cm (9") footprint eliminates risk of tripping
  • tough & durable vinyl construction
  • designed for years of hassle free commercial use
  • can be used in 'message up' or 'message down' mode

Maryborough Highland Eco-Pole Bollards
"Our Eco-Pole Bollard Ashtrays with the weight bags are perfect for our requirements. The weight bags allow us to place our Eco-Poles wherever we choose to put them - and that changes on a day to day basis depending on where we decide to place our outdoor tables."  - Rachael O'Connor, Maryborough Highland Society and Function Centre



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