Personal Ashtrays / Portable Ashtrays / Pocket Ashtrays - Generic Multi Packs

$ 25.00

Pocket Ashtray - Blue Generic - from No BuTTs


Help get the message out with Generic Mini-Butts!

It's like this: We think that plain/unprinted Mini-Butts are lost opportunity to help spread the word about cigarette butt litter.  It's kind of like a billboard with no advertising on it.  Maybe even a waste of space.

That's why most of our corporate clients and all of our government customers choose to print their Mini-Butts Personal / Portable Ashtrays (aka Butt Bins) with their logo, website and even an anti-littering or quit smoking message.

Now personal smokers can also help get the message out - with our Generic Printed Mini-Butts!   They cost the same as plain (and we think kind of boring) Mini-Butts, but they make a statement for all to see.  And we don't pull any punches either.

"The Butts Stop Here".  Well, the fact that you're doing the right thing by using a Mini-Butt Personal Ashtray means that they do...

"Don't be an 'Ash-hole'".  The fact that you're using a Mini-Butt means that you're not...

"No BuTTs.com.au".  That's exactly what we're talking about...

"Because the world is not an ashtray".  It isn't.  We know it, and you know it, and soon your mates will know it too.

Over 95% of personal smokers who use Mini-Butts order Generic Mini-Butts.  Buy some for yourself and for other smokers you know.  And if you know someone who litters their butts, give 'em one. They'll get the message too! 

What are you going to do with that butt?Look, there's not a single smoker alive who's never littered a cigarette butt at least once in their life.  But one by one we're realising that it's the wrong thing to do and that littering our cigarette butts is never an acceptable option - and that with Mini-Butts Personal & Portable Ashtrays there's no need to ever litter a cigarette butt again. 

Any 'excuses' for ever littering cigarette butts are over. 

Every day 1,000s of smokers across the planet are discovering Mini-Butts Personal / Portable Ashtrays for the first time - and changing their littering habits forever.

Smoker by smoker, and usually with the help of other smokers, we're getting the message out that just because you smoke, doesn't mean you're an Ash-hole.  Generic Mini-Butts just help get the message out a little more effectively.

That's good news for every smoker and great news for the environment.




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