Mini Butts Personal Ashtray - Assorted Colours - Multi Packs

$ 25.00


Colour your world with multi-coloured Mini-Butts!

Mini-Butts are available in specific colours and they're also available in multi-coloured packs.

Why settle for one colour when you can have 10 different colours?!

Over 95% of personal smokers order their Mini-Butts in assorted colours.  Multi-coloured Mini-Butts cost the same as plain but we think they're a lot more fun, and most of our customers do too.

So don't be boring...  Order your multi-coloured Mini-Butts Personal Ashtray pack now!

Hold it one second...

If you feel as strongly as we do about the issue of cigarette butt litter - and the 'Ash-holes' that create it, think about ordering our generic printed Mini-Butts instead of unprinted ones.

  • They cost the same as unprinted (and we think kinda boring) Mini-Butts Personal Ashtrays. 
  • You get the same excellent range of assorted colours, but with the No BuTTs message clear for all to see.
  • Generic Mini-Butts make a great little gift - and well needed "kick up the butt" to give to someone you know that litters their butts. 

Look, there's not a single smoker alive who's never littered a cigarette butt once in their life.  But one by one we're realising that it's the wrong thing to do and that littering our cigarette butts is never an acceptable option - and that with Mini-Butts Personal Ashtrays there's no excuses anymore either. 

Every day 1,000s of smokers across the planet are discovering a Mini-Butts Personal Ashtray for the first time - and changing their littering habits forever. 

Smoker by smoker, and usually with the help of other smokers, we're getting the message out that just because you smoke, doesn't mean you're an Ash-hole.  Generic Mini-Butts Personal, Pocket & Portable Ashtrays just help get the message out a little more effectively.

That's good news for every smoker and great news for the environment.  

No BuTTs about it.

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