QR Code Printing on No BuTTs Pocket Ashtrays 
is here!

(A.K.A why we love QR Codes - and you will too!)

QR Code - Instant access by anyone to your organisation's website, email address, Facebook Page, Contact Details, Skype call - and a whole lot more!
QR Codes are the hottest new marketing tool in the world - and for good reason.

QR Codes (Quick Response Codes) allow instant access to virtually any preferred information or data about your business or organisation from smartphones, iPads and tablets by way of a QR Code scanning app.

No BuTTs can now print a QR Code of your preference onto your Personal Ashtrays.

Think about that... We're talking instant access to your business's or organisation's:

  • Website - or any specific page on it (URL)
  • Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park's Personal Ashtray with QR CodeEmail Address
  • Telephone Number (including auto dialer)
  • Google Maps Location
  • Facebook Page
  • LinkedIn Page
  • Twitter Feed
  • YouTube Video
  • Contact Details (V-Card)
  • Event (V-Calendar)
  • Skype Call
  • SMS Message
  • Email Message
  • App Store Download
  • iTunes Link
  • Paypal Buy Now Link

We can even print a QR Code for instant staff or customer access to your Wifi Login.

QR Codes are an absolute revolution in how your organisation can market its very existence, or your projects, your products or services, special offers, etc - or even your butt litter reduction endeavours and/or environmental policies, to anyone at anytime.

And it's completely free for anyone to use. (Yep!!)

It costs you nothing for anyone to instantly access your preferred info. Anywhere. Anytime.

One giant leap for marketing and advertising
your business or organisation

Branded Personal Ashtrays - City of Greater Dandenong
Over 95% of our corporate clients - from the smallest businesses to many of our international corporate multinational giants - order their Personal Ashtrays with branding that includes their logo, website, project name and/or telephone number, etc.

And because the issue of smoking can be contentious, virtually all of our clients choose to include (for no extra cost) our slogan "Protect our environment - Better still quit smoking".  That says it all.

Additionally, an increasing number of No BuTTs clients are ordering their Branded Personal Ashtrays with a QR Code that scans directly to a Quit Smoking website. 

Logo printed / Branded Personal Ashtrays from No BuTTs are the hottest eco-friendly promotional product in the world - by far.

That's because our Personal Ashtrays not only protect the environment and the public image of organisations that distribute them from the damaging effects of cigarette butt litter, they also enhance the eco-reputation of that organisation everytime they're used or seen.

 BGC Personal Ashtray with QR Code and Quit Smoking message
QR Codes make promotion even more effective - and it's for this reason that over 2/3rds of our clients are now choosing to order or reorder their Personal Ashtrays
with a QR Code.

Considering that smokers can take their Personal Ashtrays everywhere they go, and use them in public many times a day, and they're a talking point, and people notice them being used, and they're a very positive eco-friendly reflection
of that business or organisation, it's not
hard to see why.

If you're not ordering your Personal Ashtrays with a QR Code, you're already missing out on one of the most amazing - and free - marketing tools in years.

How to scan QR Codes. It's easy!

Just point your smartphone at any QR Code and it will scan it!
It's like taking a photo, only easier!
Virtually all smartphones and tablets have QR Code Scanning Apps available that let anyone anywhere instantly scan
any QR Code they like. 

It's as easy as taking a picture on your phone!

In fact, if you use the Scan App we recommend below, you don't even need to press the button - just point your phone's camera at any QR Code and Scan will automatically scan it and instantly take you to wherever that QR Code is pointing to!

Download Scan here!
Because iPhones are now by far the most popular and widely used smartphones in the world, you can download the QR Code Scanning App all our team at No BuTTs use - and highly recommend - by simply clicking the 'Scan' icon to the right. 

'Scan' is by far the best QR Code Scanning App we've come across
 - and it's free!  Download it now!

Android users click here for a similar App although we can't give you any specific info about it, because we all use iPhones.

Something to think about...

QR Codes are very new and very cool - and this gives our QR Coding clients an incredible opportunity to permanently ingrain their organisation into the minds of their customers - and all those who see their QR Code on their Personal Ashtrays - and here's why:

Get moooving!
QR Codes equal permanent branding!
That's no bull!
If this is the first time you've ever seen or heard about QR Codes, the fact is that you will always remember No BuTTs whenever you come across additional QR Codes in the future, because you saw it first at No BuTTs!  We love that!

And while QR Codes are still essentially unknown in the general population, your organisation has exactly the same fantastic opportunity to make an excellent permanent impression in the minds of all those who see their first QR Code on your Personal Ashtrays.

This form of 'branding' is as permanent as what you see on cattle! (That's why they call it branding!) The only difference is that QR Codes are not only pain-free, they're actually a lot of fun to use.

Something else to think about...

We ask everyone who contacts us how they found us - so we know QR Codes work.

No BuTTs receives over 50 phone calls, emails and website contact requests every week just from our own QR Codes on our Generic Personal Ashtrays - and the number keeps increasing every week. That's amazing!

Order your Personal Ashtrays with your specific QR Code and put QR Codes to work for your organisation today.

Call us now!  Scan my code!
(You know you want to!!)

Call us now on 
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QR Code printing for your Personal Ashtrays!

...or if you've already downloaded a QR Code scanning App just scan the bloke to the left's head - and see what happens!


Order your Personal Ashtrays with a QR Code today.




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