Butt Bins by the Bucket

$ 200.00


Butt Bins by the Bucket

Butt Bins by the Bucket is the quickest and easiest way to eliminate your smokers cigarette butt litter!

No BuTTs can express post a Bucket of Butt Bins (AKA Personal, Pocket & Portable Ashtrays) to your location today!

Available in:

  •   50 Butt Bins
  • 100 Butt Bins

Your Butt Bins by the Bucket package includes:

  • 50 or 100 of No BuTTs award winning Generic Personal Ashtrays
  • Supplied in a quality resealable & reusable bucket
  • How to use a Personal Ashtray leaflets
  • Poster for staff or public areas display 
  • Makes distributing your Butt Bins easy!
  • Handy storage for your Butt Bins!
  • Makes an easy to use and cute dispenser for your Butt Bins!
  • Perfect for small companies and organisations

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