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Hospitality & Accom Windproof Ashtrays

No BuTTs Windproof Ashtrays help the hospitality industry to maintain a clean and healthy environment by reducing the cigarette butt litter created by their customers at their footpath, curbside, balcony and poolside tables.

No BuTTs windproof ashtrays are stylish, durable, cheap and effective and completely solve the problem.

The fact is your staff have much better things to do with their time than having to pick up your customers cigarette butts one by one - like providing excellent customer service.

We can also print your Windproof Ashtrays with logo, website and even an anti-littering or eco-friendly message - in full colour!  This turns your Windproof Ashtrays into an excellent promotional product.  Increasingly, many of our hospitality and accom clients are doing a roaring trade selling their logo printed Windproofs to interested customers. 

Logo printing your Windproof Ashtrays also helps create a very positive perception of your business and advertises your high standards of environmental responsibility and good corporate citizenship. 

Let's face it - the last thing your neighbours want is to have to collect the stray butts that blow in from your outdoor tables. 

And here's another thing to consider:  You may wish to contact your local Council and ask them what their requirements are before they turn up one day and tell you.

Local Govt Departments, Councils and Shires are increasingly coming down hard on those businesses that try to ignore the problem of the cigarette butt litter emanating from their own customers at their own outdoor table - and rightly so. 

Over 200 Australian Councils and Shires now require windproof ashtrays to gain or maintain footpath or street trading permits.

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